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Five hacks for online learning

August 31, 2020

Angela Murillo

Angela Murillo, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor and Program Director of the Applied Data and Information Science program.

Whether you are new to online learning or an online learning expert, it is important to consider strategies for online learning.

Here are some strategies for success:

Be proactive

  • Get to know your Canvas site and syllabus. The more you understand how your class is organized, the easier it will be for you to be successful.
  • Make sure you understand the technical requirements and reach out to IT Support Center early in the semester if you need help.

Keep informed

  • Pay attention to Canvas Announcements and other communication from your instructor.
  • Pay attention to your Canvas Calendar and To-Do list. This is an excellent way to see when assignments and activities are due to plan ahead.

Stay organized and focused

  • Create a schedule to keep up on readings and to give yourself enough time for activities and assignments.
  • Create a physical workspace for yourself that is comfortable and conducive to studying.
  • Try not to multitask, rather focus on one class and task at a time.

Reach out

  • Be sure to reach out to your instructor know right away if you have any questions or need help.

Also, check out the Indiana University “Keep Learning” website for some additional tips for online learning.

Have a successful and fun semester!