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Best (free) Wi-Fi spots for online classes

September 15, 2020

Taylor Dooley

Taylor Dooley is the Undergraduate Recruiter for the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI

Having a solid internet connection is vital for success if you are in any classes that have an online component. No one wants to freeze during a Zoom call or have issues submitting an assignment right before it is due. Check out the following places where you can kick back and live life in the fast (internet) lane.

IUPUI’s Campus

This may seem obvious, but there are many places on IUPUI’s campus where you can access Wi-Fi safely and with social distancing. You can park in Lot 92 (right across the street from SoIC) and Zoom from your car. You can also reserve a room in the IUPUI Library, sit outside and charge your phone at one of our solar powered tables outside the Wood Fountain, or find a secluded table in any campus building to do your coursework. Just remember, masks are required when you are on campus!

Your Local Library

That’s right. The coolest place to be—your neighborhood library! Many libraries across the state are open for in-branch use of their computers and internet, but many have also extended internet access to their parking lots. You can camp out and go to class and pick up your next favorite book at the same time.

Local Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

Several local businesses and national chains have stepped up to provide extended internet access to their local communities. Many local grocery stores, coffee shops, community centers, gyms, restaurants, and other business have free Wi-Fi that guests can access either inside or outside from their vehicles. Our friends at Purdue University have created a non-exhaustive list of free wi-fi hotspots in Indiana by county.

Public Transit

I know what you are thinking: I’m not going to ride the bus all day just to work on schoolwork. But if you are riding the bus anyway, it’s easy to get work done using the free-Wi-Fi offered by IndyGo in Indianapolis. You can access their Wi-Fi at the downtown Transit Center, local buses, the Red Line and Red Line stations. IndyGo is sanitizing their buses daily and masks are required to ride.

When using public Wi-Fi—it is important to note that your connection may not be secure. You should take precautions when using public Wi-Fi and refrain from accessing banking information or other critical personal data when you are on an ‘exposed’ network.

I hope these tips have helped. The IUPUI Jaguar community is resilient and innovative, I know you are going to knock this semester out of the park!