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Joanna MillunchickJoanna Millunchick, Ph.D.
  • Dean, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering

iuldeanindiana [dot] edu

Mathew PalakalMathew Palakal, Ph.D.
  • Senior Executive Associate Dean
  • Professor, Informatics

mpalakaliupui [dot] edu
IT 523

Karl MacDormanKarl F. MacDorman, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Director, Informatics and Artificial Intelligence Undergraduate Programs
  • Associate Professor, Human-Computer Interaction

kmacdormiu [dot] edu
IT 409B

Amy MaidiAmy Maidi, M.S.
  • Assistant Dean, Student Services

amcwoodsiupui [dot] edu
IT 409C

Rosiel MarascoRosiel O. Marasco, MHA
  • Assistant Dean, Fiscal and Administrative Affairs

rmarascoiupui [dot] edu
IT 539

Davide BolchiniDavide Bolchini, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of Human-Centered Computing
  • Professor, Human-Centered Computing

dbolchiniupui [dot] edu
IT 595

Andrea CopelandAndrea Copeland, Ph.D.
  • Chair and Program Director, Library and Information Science
  • Associate Professor, Library and Information Science

ajapzoniupui [dot] edu
IT 559

Sharo KandrisSharon Kandris, M.S.
  • Executive Director, The Polis Center

skandrisiupui [dot] edu
IT 465

Josette JonesJosette Jones, Ph.D.
  • Emeritus Associate Professor, Health Informatics
  • Interim Chair, Department of Biohealth Informatics

jofjonesiupui [dot] edu
IT 475H

Dean’s Advisory Council

Members of the Dean’s Advisory Council assist in obtaining support for the school, encourage research internships and collaborations with industry, facilitate the careers of students through guidance and input into the curriculum, and promote communication between the school and the wider community.