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The mission of the Indiana University Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at IUPUI is to excel in education, research, and civic engagement in the field of informatics, an integrative discipline which advances knowledge in:

  1. computing, information, and media technologies;
  2. the implications those technologies have for individuals and society; and
  3. their application to any field of study adapting to the challenges of the Information Age.

The School fosters a broad and interdisciplinary view of informatics and uses this view to explore and expand knowledge in informatics education and research. Along with the many schools and departments located on the Indiana University Purdue University urban Indianapolis campus (IUPUI), the School is firmly committed to a welcoming environment, a diverse faculty and student body, and to efforts which support Indiana’s economic development.

Together, the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at IU Bloomington and at Indianapolis (IUPUI) aim to lead the nation in creating a new, broad and interdisciplinary view of informatics and uses this viewpoint as the foundation for three foci:

Education and Research

The School’s primary emphasis is in education and research, offering a broad array of B.S., M.S., and Ph.D., programs and a research agenda that emphasizes the breadth of informatics as an interdisciplinary field of study. The School is at the forefront of innovation in education and provides an informatics curriculum which focuses on computing and information technology, while giving equal attention to the complex interactions of technology, individuals, and society. Students of Informatics learn skills which allow them to use computing to solve real human problems in areas such as healthcare, education, poverty, security, and the environment.

Equally important is the fact that Informatics maintains a strong focus on the human use of computing. For example, informatics students build new computing tools and applications while studying how people interact with those technologies and how those technologies shape our relationships, our organizations, and our community. Informatics is a professional school which goes beyond the study of technology in and of itself, to identify, define, and address information problems in a range of disciplines with a variety of technologies and methodologies.

The School also conducts research in a wide range of computing and informatics foundations, applications, and their implications. The School brings a unique perspective that combines information science with a deep understanding of domain-specific areas of research, such as the biological, health, and life sciences, medical and biomedical sciences, cognitive and social sciences, media arts and science, the law and legal domains, business, and human-computer interaction design and usability engineering.

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

The School is also deeply engaged in the area of economic development and entrepreneurship. In addition to its primary mission in education and research, the School trains well-equipped graduates for a wide range of computing and information technology occupations by placing a special emphasis on:

  1. partnering with information technology businesses to address their professional needs in the state of Indiana, and
  2. supporting a culture of entrepreneurship for its students, faculty and alumni.


The School also fosters an inclusive educational and research culture and environment by:

  1. attracting women and under-represented minorities who have a wide range of intellectual interests, talents, and professional goals, and
  2. achieving national recognition as an exemplar for diversity.