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Health Informatics Ph.D. Minor


You have the option to complete this minor entirely online.

The Health Informatics Ph.D. minor allows current IUPUI and IU doctoral students in other disciplines to learn new approaches to data science that apply to problems in their academic fields. Health informatics focuses on how best to use technology in identifying problems and developing solutions.

You have the option to select convenient online classes, and can complete the Ph.D. minor entirely online if desired.

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To be admitted to the Ph.D. minor in Health Informatics program, you must be a currently enrolled doctoral student in good academic standing in any IU or IUPUI school. Students in other departments of the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis also are welcome to apply.

Application procedure

Students who would like to apply to the Ph.D. minor in Health Informatics program must submit via email to the Graduate Program Coordinator at an application package (PDF) containing:

  • A resume that includes the IUPUI or IU Ph.D. program in which the student is currently enrolled
  • A university student ID
  • A one-page personal statement
  • A brief message from the primary advisor who approves the student’s request

Accepted students will be notified promptly.

Plan of study (12 cr.)

The Ph.D. minor in Health Informatics is a 12-credit hour program with four (4) courses, each of which is 3 credit hours.

If the program of research warrants it, additional health informatics courses at the 500 level or above, such as independent studies, may be substituted for core courses, with the permission of a student’s faculty advisor and the Minor Program Coordinator.

Currently, most of the courses have online sections in addition to classroom sections. Therefore, at the student’s discretion, the Ph.D. minor coursework may be completed entirely online in a minimum of one and a half years. Please refer to the IUPUI Registrar website for the detailed schedule of the courses.

Grading policy

A minimum of B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor. If a minimum of B (3.0) is not earned in a course, that course must be retaken. A course may only be retaken once. Students who fail to achieve the minimum grade of B (3.0) the second time they take a course will not be able to earn the Ph.D. minor.

Qualifying exam

The Ph.D. minor in Health Informatics does not require a Qualifying Exam.