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Forage: Virtual Job Simulations

Forage is an online learning platform that provides students with access to free, interactive virtual job simulations created by top companies. These modules cover a wide range of topics, from data analysis to project management, and are designed to help students build skills that are highly valued in today’s job market. 

Access Forage: Virtual Job Simulations

Key Features: 

  • Interactive modules designed by top companies covering a wide range of topics from data analysis, digital & UX design, cybersecurity, project management, and MORE! 
  • Hypothetical tasks that simulate real-world work undertaken by interns or graduates within the company. 
  • Video instructions provided by senior employees of the company to guide the students through the tasks. 
  • Curated resources to help students complete the tasks. 
  • The programs are designed to build practical skills that are highly valued in today’s job market. 


  • The projects are self-paced and open-access, allowing students to work through the modules at their own convenience. 
  • Each project takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete, allowing students to gain practical skills while balancing their other commitments. 
  • The projects are completely free, providing access to quality learning without financial burden. 
  • Students gain practical skills and experience, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market. 
  • The virtual job simulations offer an innovative and practical approach to learning, bridging the gap between theory and practical experience.

Adding Forage to your Resume

  • Start by creating a section on your resume titled “Projects” or “Project Experiences” 
  • Add the Forage virtual job simulation you completed as a subheading under the Projects section. 
  • Include the name of the project and the company you completed it with. 
  • Briefly describe the project in 1-2 sentences, highlighting the skills and experience you gained through the virtual job simulation. 
  • Add any relevant metrics or outcomes achieved, such as completing the project ahead of schedule or exceeding the project goals. 
  • Include the timeframe in which you completed the project. For projects taking less than 3 months, we encourage you to include the season and year (e.g., Fall 2020). 
  • Consider adding 1-3 bullet points under the project description to further highlight the skills and experience gained through the virtual job simulation. 
  • If applicable, include any additional resources you developed or contributed to the project, such as presentations, reports, or data analyses. 

By adding a Forage virtual job simulation to your resume as a project, you can showcase the practical skills and experience you gained to potential employers. It can also demonstrate your motivation to continuously learn and develop your skills, setting you apart from other candidates in the job market. Review more tips, tools, and resources provided by the Forage Blog.