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AII 20000 Introduction to Data Science

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: CSCI 23000 or CSCI 24000 or (ECE 26300 and ECE 26100) or INFO-B 210 or INFO-I 210 or INFO-C 210 or NEWM-N 220 or CIT 14000 or CSCI-A 201 or consent of instructor.
  • Delivery: On-Campus, Online
  • This course introduces data science and programming in the R statistical computing environment. Students learn relevant concepts from statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Topics include data manipulation, analysis, modeling, and visualization.  Students gain experience analyzing real-world datasets from science, government, and industry.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Develop programs in R.
    2. Load, manipulate, and analyze datasets.
    3. Build simple data models and perform statistical analyses.
    4. Communicate results through data visualizations, including graphs and tables.
    5. Analyze applications of data science in science, government, and industry.