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CSCI-P 434 Distributed Systems

4 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • Principles of distributed systems, including system design, distributed algorithms, consistency and concurrency, and reliability and availability. The role of these foundational issues in distributed file systems, distributed computing, and data-driven systems.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Explain foundational issues in distributed systems: consistency, concurrency, race conditions, modularity, abstraction, resilience, and their role in distributed systems.
    2. Apply the methodology of performance evaluations.
    3. Write software that is part of a larger system that relies on other software.
    4. Gain an understanding of the importance of good interface design.
    5. Solve problems in data storage and access and explain the strengths and weaknesses of the solution.


    There is not a syllabus available for this course.