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INFO-B 505 Informatics Project Management

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: On-Campus, Online
  • This course introduces standard project management concepts and capabilities, in the context of innovative and creative knowledge-work projects involving computers. These are targeted as a common ground for all members of a successful team, not only for the Project Manager. Through lecture, reading, discussion, computer lab exercises, and projects, students will become more proficient with basic project management terminology, techniques and technologies. Students will apply industry-standard project management in a framework of productive team dynamics, consumer frame of reference, and organizational change–optionally continuing to professional certification.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Apply project management methods to overcome the complexities of informatics projects.
    2. Plan informatics projects, setting their scope and assigning team members appropriately to roles.
    3. Apply to informatics projects time management concepts, such as network diagrams, CPM, and PERT.
    4. Apply cost management and budgeting principles.
    5. Manage unanticipated changes in informatics projects.
    6. Perform risk analysis by means of quantitative and qualitative methods.
    7. Employ both “hard” and “soft” skills in leading a project team.
    8. Use project management software effectively.
    9. Apply communication, negotiation, and group decision-making abilities in team projects.
    10. Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior in response to ethically challenging situations.