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INFO-H 583 Conversational User Interfaces: Experience Design and Applications

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: INFO-H 541 Interaction Design Practice
  • Delivery: On-Campus, Online
  • This course covers how to design, prototype, and evaluate conversational user interfaces. Students learn the tools and methods of experience design in this modality, exploring through their projects the cognitive, experiential, and social aspects of user interaction. They also examine emerging application areas and research trends.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Analyze key benefits, limitations, and tradeoffs of designing engaging and ethical conversational user interactions.
    2. Research factors key to the design of conversational user interactions.
    3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages between different conversational UX design techniques.
    4. Find appropriate contexts of use and user tasks for the design of conversational user interfaces (CUIs).
    5. Develop CUI solutions by applying best practices and usability principles.
    6. Demonstrate use of CUI prototyping tools and methods.
    7. Design and evaluate CUIs for different users and contexts.
    8. Interpret research findings to formulate CUI design guidelines and solutions.
    9. Investigate emerging CUI research trends and application areas.