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INFO-I 391 Internship in Informatics

3-6 credits

  • Prerequisites: Approval of Instructor
  • Delivery: Arranged
  • Students gain professional work experience in an industry or research organization setting, using skills and knowledge acquired in informatics course work. May be repeated for a maximum of three credit hours.

    Before registering for this course, students must complete an internship application, and career services must approve it.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Explore a potential career path within informatics.
    2. Master knowledge and skills acquired during informatics coursework; strengthen resume.
    3. Collaborate to create information technology projects and solve problems in a workplace environment, using soft skills like communication and teamwork.
    4. Reflect upon internship experience in making future career choices.
    5. Develop an innovative digital application, from original concept to final product, in light of theory and practice in the major and specialization.
    6. Plan and evaluate a project, addressing the employer’s requirements, budget, and team.
    7. Manage their time and meet deadlines to fulfill final project expectations.
    8. Document assets, code, and media created for the project weekly.