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INFO-I 419 Enterprise Cognitive Automation

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: On-Campus, Online
  • This course covers the integration of cognitive automation in business process management systems. Students model organizational processes and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to increase and monitor their efficiency and effectiveness.

    They also learn from cognitive automation use cases how enterprises manage processes across systems, applications, and data repositories.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Design and implement cognitive automation for different industries.
    2. Design AI frameworks and structures to integrate robotic process automation (RPA) in business process management systems (BPMS).
    3. Develop robotic process automation to manage business processes and to increase and monitor their efficiency and effectiveness.
    4. Create organizational intelligence using a holistic approach to enterprise systems based on business, organizational, and technology requirements.
    5. Solve real-world problems in organizational processes and workflows by applying critical thinking, problem-solving, and cognitive computing skills.
    6. Determine the framework in which AI and the Internet of Things may function, including interactions with people, enterprise functions, and environments.


    There is not a syllabus available for this course.