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INFO-I 453 Computer and Information Ethics

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: Online
  • Ethical and professional issues that arise in the context of designing and using networked information technologies and information resources.  Examines frameworks for making ethical decisions, emergent technologies and their ethical implications, information/computer professionalism.  Topics include privacy, intellectual property, cybercrime, games, social justice, and codes of professional ethics.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Explain how ethical and legal issues are often unintended consequences of the introduction of new technology.
    2. Define the major theories and frameworks that have shaped the study of ethics and ethical or moral behavior.
    3. Apply theories and methods to identify ethical challenges with emergent information technologies.
    4. Articulate the issues at the intersection of law and ethics, especially as they relate to new technology.
    5. Identify the impact that values and cultural beliefs have had on the development of professional ethics and ethical decision-making.
    6. Interpret the current law related to intellectual property and the extent to which it meets technology in the 21st century.
    7. Assess the interrelationship between individual privacy and the legal, regulatory, and technological challenges to privacy.
    8. Explain the ethical issues and regulatory requirements for using human beings and animals as research subjects.
    9. Interpret a variety of professional codes of ethics and how to apply these codes of ethics in decision-making, especially as an informatics or IT professional.
    10. Reflect upon real-world ethical dilemmas that may be faced by informatics and IT professionals.
    11. Evaluate their own readiness for making ethical decisions in their careers and identify additional information, training, and resources that would be helpful.