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INFO-I 491 Capstone Project Internship

3-6 credits

  • Prerequisites: Consent of instructor
  • Delivery: Arranged
  • Students culminate their course studies through practical application of concepts and practices working in industry.

    Before registering for this course, students must complete an internship application, and career services must approve it.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Explore a potential career path within informatics.
    2. Master knowledge and skills acquired during informatics coursework; strengthen resume.
    3. Collaborate to create information technology projects and solve problems in a workplace environment, using soft skills like communication and teamwork.
    4. Reflect upon internship experience in making future career choices.
    5. Develop an innovative digital application, from original concept to final product, in light of theory and practice in the major and specialization.
    6. Plan and evaluate a project, addressing the employer’s requirements, budget, and team.
    7. Manage their time and meet deadlines to fulfill final project expectations.
    8. Document assets, code, and media created for the project weekly.
    9. Present their final work at the capstone event.

    Getting Started

    Students will submit a internship application to career services. Students should also submit the intent to graduate form.

    Capstone Presentation

    Is the capstone project presentation required for graduation?

    Yes, it is in the very best interest of all students to finish their project, thesis, or internship at the appointed time and present their work at the capstone presentation event. Students will have a chance to have one-on-one contact with local industry representatives who may come to their presentation. All students who do not present their project, thesis, or internship at the scheduled time will receive a reduction in their final grade.

    When are capstone presentations scheduled?

    Capstone presentations are scheduled during the last two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Once the date is set, students should keep this entire day free on their calendars. Students will be required to set up their posters and any other media or materials. If students will be using a computer to demonstrate their capstone, they will need to test their presentations on specifically assigned computer(s) early in the day (time TBD). Presentations
    will begin in the afternoon and run into the evening (time TBD).

    Where will the Capstone Presentations be Held?

    The capstone presentations will be held throughout the IT building in labs, the larger lecture halls, and other venues as appropriate to specific projects. Room assignments and detailed arrangements will be given to students by their capstone advisors prior to the event. Attendees will receive a printed program describing student projects and their locations.

    Who will attend the capstone event?

    The capstone event will be open to the public, students, friends, family, and members of industry. We invite all Informatics freshman, sophomores, and juniors to this event, as well as a range of other students, faculty, and professionals from throughout the campus and the community.

    What should students wear?

    Students should look professional at the capstone event. Dress should be business casual at a minimum. We encourage students to consider wearing a suit especially since potential employers may be attending the event.

    Capstone Deliverables

    Poster Session

    A graphic display on poster board will provide the following information:

    • At least two (three or more are preferred) pictures are required for this project.
    • Internship Title
    • Student Name, position, company, date of internship
    • About Me: This section will correspond with the first assignment in the internship class where students are asked to identify themselves. The poster should include the student’s major, why they chose their internship, and their area of specialization.
    • Company Profile
    • Project Summary/Internship Responsibilities: This is listed on the initial credit internship application and also may change during the course of the internship if there are added responsibilities or projects.
    • What I learned/Moving Forward/Reflection: This is done in the executive summary reflective paper that students are required to turn in as one of the final deliverables for their internship.
    • Updated Resume: This is already a required deliverable at the end of the student’s internship.
    • Acknowledgements (advisors, colleagues, students, friends, etc.)
    • Contact Information

    Other Items to Consider

    • Copies of your resume, if seeking employment
    • Business cards