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LIS-S 201 Foundations of Data Studies

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: Online
  • Semesters offered: Fall, Spring
    The above are the semesters this course is generally offered. View the course schedule to confirm.
  • This class introduces digital literacies, focusing on data and information literacy in the media, civic engagement, business, informatics, and data science. Students explore the production of data; their roles as data creators and consumers; and the effects of data practices on society. Students apply their acquired skills in real-world situations.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Recognize that data can have value and play a key role in society by providing opportunities to grow knowledge, to innovate, and to influence.
    2. Identify sources of data to evaluate news and other information.
    3. Analyze datasets in context to determine the reliability of the information including potential bias in data collection or representation.
    4. Understand the ethical guidelines and implications for using, managing, and communicating data.
    5. Examine results produced in data analysis using data visualizations that are suitable for their purpose and targeted audience.