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LIS-S 532 Information Architecture for the Web

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: LIS-S 500, LIS-S 507
  • Delivery: Online
  • Semesters offered: Fall
    The above are the semesters this course is generally offered. View the course schedule to confirm.
  • Students learn concepts, strategies, best practices, and theories from information architecture to enhance the findability and usability of information on user-facing information systems on the web. Students apply knowledge learned about, among other things, information seeking theory, wayfinding, labeling, and navigation to develop websites using content management systems.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Explain the difference between information architecture and other information and interaction-based professions (e.g., user experience design, web design).
    2. Characterize information seeking needs to plan for information architectures.
    3. Evaluate information systems and organizational structures in information architecture interfaces.
    4. Design taxonomies according to user needs to maximize findability of content.
    5. Use quantitative and qualitative research methods to test and develop information architecture products iteratively.
    6. Install, manage, and optimize an open-source content management system to maximize information organization and findability using information architecture concepts.