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LIS-S 585 Archival Appraisal and Management

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: LIS-S 500, LIS-S 507, LIS-S S581
  • Delivery: Online
  • Semesters offered: Fall, Spring
    The above are the semesters this course is generally offered. View the course schedule to confirm.
  • This course explores the archivist’s first and arguably most important responsibility: appraisal. Students explore the theories, techniques, and methods that archivists use to identify documents and other materials of enduring value for long-term preservation, access, and use.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Analyze the methodologies and tools that archivists apply to develop selection and appraisal policies for inclusion in archives.
    2. Compare different appraisal approaches from the literature and evaluate the merits and shortcomings of each.
    3. Critique different appraisal policies from different archives and/or repositories.
    4. Weigh practical, legal, and ethical issues in the appraisal and acquisition of archives.
    5. Make professional decisions concerning the selection and acquisition of archival materials.
    6. Formulate students’ own ideas about contentious aspect of archival work based on their understanding of appraisal theories and recent discourse.