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NEWM-N 442 Advanced 3D Character Animation

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: N342
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • Advanced techniques in computer animation, including character development and dynamics. Possible topics include story development, character facial animation and locomotion, dynamics, special effects, composites, fluid effects and particle systems.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Students will have the ability to perform advanced rigging, animation, gesture, emotional, and facial techniques within a digital character.
    • Students will explore the use of the 12 principles of animation throughout the course.
    • Students will learn 3D procedures that work across all 3D software platforms.
    • Students will deliver production and portfolio quality simulations that deliver advanced aesthetics, and mastery of 3D production workflow. High quality work will be expected.
    • Students will have the ability to deliver Cinematic, Gaming and VFX quality animations, simulations, based upon their industry of interest.
    • Students will have the ability to execute advanced visual effects animation such as particles, cloth, hair, and fluids.

    Extended Course Description

    Advanced rigging and character animation. Heavy concentration on acting, posing, and creating intent within a character performance. First 8 weeks: learn the techniques of puppeteering a character or creature. Second 8 weeks: body and acting performance. Get a head start before summer N346 course in motion capture!

    Technology Learned

    • Faceware
    • ManusVR
    • Maya
    • MotionBuilder
    • Unity
    • Unreal
    • Xsens