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NEWM-N 448 3D Prototyping for Application in Medicine

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: NEWM N243, NEWM N502, or equivalent
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • This course covers advanced modeling, sculpting, articulation, and printing of 3D objects from computer-generated images for applications in the medical industry. It also includes strategies for the collection, evaluation, and editing of medical data and the creation of prototypes for complete medical and surgical applications.

    Core Competencies

    • Students will have the ability to develop, discuss, and implement from preproduction, to production, to post production of prototypes of 3D print for use in various medical applications.
    • Students will have the skills to model, prepare, articulate, and print 3D objects using common practices for 3D printing.
    • Students will set-up 3D objects, for water tight printing using .stl and .obj file formats
    • Students will create at minimum of applicable prototype for medical application.
    • Students will understand how to collect, manipulate, and create 3D prints from various data sets.
    • Students will learn entire production pipeline for creating geometry that can be printed at the most efficient costs and standards uses various data collection methods.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Discuss and execute plans for a production.
    • Learn and apply production methods in a 3D pipeline.
    • Implement Self-Imposed Deadlines and time management to fulfill final project expectations and budget considerations.
    • Learn to Review, consider, and implement timeline and production pipeline revisions.
    • Develop project presentations in accordance with research interest in given fields.