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NEWM-N 462 Advanced Comics and Sequential Narratives

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: NEWM N262
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • Advanced topics in the creation of sequential narrative using 2D animation. Topics include ideas of pacing, tempo, sequence, and synchronization of graphic and audio elements.

    This class combines traditional storytelling and image creation with digital techniques and procedures to produce self-created and engaging sequential stories. These will be channeled through both the individual and group dynamic while looking at the concepts, construction, and development behind linear story experiences. Class creations will be produced for print and will encompass comic and storyboard principles. Character, environment, and narrative creation will merge with typography, layout, design, and illustration to enrich the class products. Additionally, integration and communication with digital media programs and production techniques will be covered. The course description and course content are not being changed.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Apply comprehensively elements of comics and sequential art.
    • Evaluate comics and sequential light relative to their historical context, including their cultural significance.
    • Employ literary elements to tell stories in comics and sequential art.
    • Analyze literary genres used in comics and sequential art.
    • Evaluate the literary and social uses of comics as a story telling medium.
    • Create a complete major visual narrative, from story conception to graphical execution.
    • Apply the tools, strategies, and techniques for 2D print and web narratives at an advanced level.
    • Use light, dark, color, and perspective to express ideas and moods.