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NEWM-N 499 Capstone Experience

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: NEWM-N 420 and senior standing
  • Delivery: Arranged
  • The Capstone experience is the culmination of the student’s major in both knowledge and abilities of a particular area of interest in new media. The successful execution, individually or as a team, integrates student’s learning across the field.

    Capstone is the completion of the student’s final project, which will culminate in a collective presentation of all graduating students from the Media Arts and Science (MAS) program. As an event that represents a collective exhibition of all students from the MAS program, it will demonstrate the consummate achievement of their academic career, concluding with earning their degree.

Capstone Mentorship

Each MAS faculty mentor has the option to mentor up to 5 students per semester. Make your plans for Capstone early.

Getting Started

Students must submit a proposal to their Capstone mentor by the following date:

  • Fall semester Capstone: April 1
  • Spring semester Capstone: November 1

This proposal, when signed by the mentor, will be routed to the Recorder who will give permission to enroll within 48 hours. Students must also submit an intent to graduate form. These two forms will be required by student services in order to grant permission to register for N499.

Students will update the proposal form prior to meeting with their Capstone advisor the first week of class. This document will provide the basic information needed to give the advisor the direction of your project. Both parties must sign the document to establish that they both agree on the title and general direction of the project.

Capstone FAQ

Is the Capstone project presentation required for graduation?

Yes, it is in the very best interest of all students to finish their project at the appointed time and present their work at the capstone presentation event. Students will have a chance to have one-on-one contact with local industry representatives that may come by their presentation. All students who do not present their project at the scheduled time will receive a reduction in their final grade.

Who will be the mentor for the Capstone project?

All students will have a Capstone mentor. The Capstone mentor must be a full-time member of the MAS faculty. Students will submit a Capstone proposal to their intended mentor the semester prior to their N499. Once the faculty member signs this document, the student will route it through student services along with a copy of the intent to graduate form. This will be the mechanism by which the student will receive approval to enroll in N499.

When should I meet with my Capstone mentor?

All students should meet weekly or every other week with their Capstone mentor. The goal of Capstone meetings is to allow faculty to monitor the activity of all students.

How will the grading be done?

Each student will turn in two progress report forms to their mentor during the semester. Refer to the Project Timeline (Form 2) and Progress Report (Form 3). The student’s mentor will evaluate their performance and quality of work to date at these benchmark times. The second progress report will determine whether a student is prepared to participate in the Capstone presentation. Progress will be determined, in part, based on how well students follow the timeline they design at the beginning of the semester.

When is the Capstone event?

Capstone is held at the end of both Fall and Spring semesters. View the Capstone event page for information on when the next Capstone will be held. Students should keep the entire day free on their calendar. Students will be required to set up their project areas and test their presentations on specifically assigned computer(s) from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Presentations will begin at 4 p.m. and run until 8 p.m.

Where will the Capstone Presentations be held?

The Capstone presentations will be held throughout the IT building in labs, the larger lecture halls, and other venues as appropriate to specific projects. Room assignments will be made prior to the presentation event. Visitors will receive a program describing student projects and their location.

Who will attend Capstone?

Capstone will be open to the public, students, friends, family, and members of industry. We plan to invite all media arts and science freshman, sophomores, and juniors to this event, as well as a range of other students, faculty, and professionals from throughout the campus and the community.

What should I wear?

Students are to look presentable at the Capstone presentation. Dress should be business casual at a minimum. If students are serious about making contact with a potential future employer they should seriously consider how they appear.

What do I need to complete for the Capstone Presentation?

The following items must be completed and ready to be delivered by the Capstone presentation evening.

Project Presentation: A copy of your project in executable, digital format (DVD, CD, Internet) loaded onto a computer in the assigned location. The computer(s) will be assigned to you the week of capstones. You will be required to test your projects the morning of your presentation. A copy of this DVD/CD is to be turned in to staff at that time.

Final Report: A final progress report will be turned in to the capstone advisor including the following:

  • A summary of the project.
  • A CD with a copy of your digital project as well as your final report to be given to your mentor.
  • The report should also be copied onto the CD that has the project. The printed report should be professional.

Other items to consider

  • Copies of your resume, if seeking employment
  • Business cards


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