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NEWM-N 534 Serious Games and Simulations

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • This course examines the use of serious games, simulations, and virtual worlds in education, healthcare, health education, and the military. Students research and deconstruct successful serious games and simulations and design, implement, and evaluate their own serious game or simulation, devising its learning outcomes and evaluation metrics.

    Serious games and simulations have found their niche’ in the education, healthcare, health education and military genres. This course examines several aspects and comparisons of the use of serious games including simulations and virtual worlds in multiple domains. This course explores the work of notable authors and serious game and simulation developers. Students will analyze, design, develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a serious game or simulation. We will adopt a reflective practice and creative process for this course. This course is intended to be a fast-paced, building a serious game or simulation from the ground-up focusing on design for specific learn objectives in serious game play. We focus on human-computer interaction, integration, and media design.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Research, analyze, and deconstruct successful serious games or simulations.
    • Create learning objectives and outcomes.
    • Invent specific metrics required to ensure an error-free serious game or simulation.
    • Develop a sound implementation strategy.
    • Conceptualize and implement a working serious game or simulation.
    • Illustrate how games may be used to teach and assess problem-solving, collaboration, and negotiation skills.
    • Demonstrate and interpret a theoretical framework for serious game development.
    • Demonstrate effective design and development skills in interactive digital media production.