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NEWM-N 549 3D Prototyping and Articulation

3 credits

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: On-Campus
  • This course covers advanced 3D organic modeling, sculpting, articulation rigging, animation, rendering, and printing of objects, characters, creatures, and plants. Students create and 3D print fully articulated models while researching and experimenting with strategies for collecting, wrangling, and analyzing datasets and visualizing them both on screen and in physical prototypes.

    Students develop a set of objects and display them appropriately for their intended application. Of possible objects, students choose from a wide variety of data to anticipate applicable solutions using 3D printing. Students concept their proposals using their own creations or in collaboration with campus or community partners. They research techniques and references gathered from industry and academia and experiment on complex datasets to find appropriate visualizations and physical prototypes. Students evaluate and analyze data to create concrete manipulatives that can inform, inspire, and educate.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Research, evaluate, and design plans for a 3D printing production.
    • Model, prepare, develop, test, and refine production methods in a 3D printing pipeline.
    • Evaluate tradeoffs when incorporating 3D printing in applications, including feasibility.
    • Research comprehensively the challenges and costs of any proposed project.
    • Evaluate, test, and experiment with various datasets to create applicable solutions.
    • Perform design thinking towards prototype test cases.
    • Critique and create solutions for effective and appealing 3D printing used in prototyping, articulation, and visualization.