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Data Science Graduate Program

Turn data problems into possibilities

The technology to amass data is outpacing industry’s ability to use it effectively. Skilled professionals who can manage data, and extract valuable knowledge from it, are in demand.

In the right hands, datasets become assets. At the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, you’ll find degree programs to develop your data management skills and create innovative solutions to information challenges.

Realizing the potential of big data technologies

Data science expertise is key to creating actionable assets from information, including unstructured data and government databases.

Daily digital life generates enormous amounts of data, thanks to sensors, video, email, the click stream, social networks, and more. Tapping into the promise of big data through data virtualization, information architectures, predictive analytics, and other information technologies demands high-level skills.

A track record of excellence

As the first iSchool in the United States, the IU School of Informatics and Computing has forged deep ties to data analytics research and industry. Our graduates use their skills in data mining, social media monitoring, and system design and analysis to become leaders in fields including business, research, and medicine.

In addition to data analysis and visualization, you’ll learn to balance what can be done with what should be done—recognizing the need for information privacy in data use and the vital importance of establishing ethics policies for big data.

Students can work with faculty in emerging areas of data research and exploration, including computational social science, machine learning, dataset integration, android science, computer security, and information infrastructures.