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Ph.D. in Data Science

Discover novel solutions to data research problems

There’s no choice but to lead when you’re breaking new ground. Guide rapid development in an emerging field when you earn our Ph.D. in Data Science.

Graduates of our program—the first of its kind in both Indiana and the Big Ten—develop the skills to make pioneering research contributions to data science theory and practice in academic and the industrial sectors.

Data scientist = #3

Job ranking in America per Glassdoor, with $107,801 median base salary

A dynamic data science environment

Seize a unique opportunity at our school to work with faculty who are international leaders in their fields, and to collaborate with researchers from leading global health and life science research centers on campus and in Indianapolis.

Our students acquire the skills to develop inventive and creative solutions to data research problems—solutions that demonstrate a high degree of intellectual merit and the potential for broader impact. The Ph.D. curriculum also prepares students to make research contributions that advance the theory and practice of data science.

Call for qualified Ph.D. applicants

“We provide a rigorous, high-quality, competitive program that prepares intellectual leaders in a rapidly developing field.”

Karl MacDorman, associate dean of academic affairs and director of the data science program

Careers in Data Science

Our graduates learn to define and investigate relevant research problems data science. The demand is only growing for professionals who can apply principles of this interdisciplinary field to specific areas, from life science to product development.

Deep technical skills and the ability to formulate and test hypotheses using massive and heterogeneous data provide the foundation for graduates who can become successful researchers either in academic settings or in industrial research and development laboratories.


  • Research
  • Research support
  • Tenure-track positions


  • Data scientist
  • Director of research
  • Senior data analyst
  • Strategic innovation manager

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Map the path from big data to knowledge

As you earn your Ph.D. in Data Science you’ll learn to develop and evaluate novel approaches to collecting, organizing, managing, and extracting knowledge and insights from massive, complex, distributed, heterogeneous data sets.

Your degree will enhance your ability to:

  • Define, create, adapt, and apply rigorous research methods
  • Communicate research findings effectively to peers through scholarly, peer-reviewed publications that appear in international venues
  • Define, conduct, and manage a research project that involves several people and interdisciplinary expertise
  • Contribute to writing research grant proposals aimed at securing external funding to support research activities
  • Understand and address ethical and professional issues related to their research, including approval processes and certification for human-subject research

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