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Master of Science in Applied Data Science with a Specialization in User Experience Design

Use big data to understand people better

Be where data science meets people. That’s quantitative user experience (UX) research. This specialization lets you get in the heads of those who use technology and learn more about their motivations, intentions, and experiences.

As a quantitative UX researcher, you’ll combine data science skills with those of the social scientist to solve problems and develop valuable insights.

Learn not only what users do, but why

What motivates people to use one application but not another? How do they perceive it, respond to it emotionally, and adapt it to their daily life? What features come together to create the next killer app?

By applying theories from psychology and human factors, you’ll mine patterns in data to discover the user’s intent. Quantitative UX research tells you not only how much time users spend navigating a website—but whether it’s because of need, enjoyment, or mounting frustration.

Researchers supplement the terabytes of activity logs typically mined by data scientists with experiments, surveys, focus groups, and controlled observation to better understand user motivation and behavior. You’ll rely on a strong grounding in math and statistics to perform A/B testing, data analysis, and other assessments.

A leader in data science

We are the first informatics school in the nation, and the first data science program in Indiana to offer both master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Taken together, the Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses have the second largest human–computer interaction program in the United States. Key ties to industry, employment, and research distinguish our school and its programs.

Students enrolled in our school at IU’s Indianapolis campus learn methods of data mining, ways to transform large data sets into usable knowledge, and how to represent information visually. The Master of Science in Applied Data Science with a specialization in User Experience Design teaches students the latest methods of data management, analysis, and high-throughput data storage.

UX research and other data science careers

Learn to tell a story with data that informs our understanding of people to create better products. Companies working with data at scale are seeking the skills you’ll acquire, to mine big data and manage cloud storage systems. Students who earn their master’s degree can find jobs in many sectors, including:

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