Health and Biomedical Informatics

Unlimited exploration in health data research

There is no limit to the potential for innovation in the field of health and biomedical data. Health informatics researchers are examining far-reaching issues such as:

  • How do we design electronic health record systems to deliver genomic and genetic information to clinicians so they can make better patient treatment decisions?
  • How will we harness the power of social media to identify, monitor, and respond to disease outbreaks?
  • How can we create technology to improve health care outcomes in the most remote locales on the planet?

Our Ph.D. in Health Informatics program immerses students in challenges like these and addresses them through pioneering research questions and approaches.

Indiana's health care hub

The IUPUI campus has a strong health care focus. You’ll gain experience at facilities such as:

  • IU Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry
  • The Regenstrief Institute, which is internationally recognized for research in health services and biomedical informatics
  • The Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center and its Center for Health Information and Communication as well as its human-computer interaction laboratory

Indianapolis is home to five major technology-ready networks of hospitals and physician practices and the largest health information exchange in the United States. These resources provide access to patient data and research possibilities that are truly unprecedented.