Data Science B.S. + Applied Data Science M.S.

Accelerated Data Science Program

Take data to a transformative level by earning a bachelor of science in Data Science and an MS in Applied Data Science in just five years.

Whether your goal is to design databases and manage information, or to analyze and visualize the numbers, our accelerated program allows you to develop the skills to succeed. Prepare for real-world challenges by increasing your understanding of the professional and ethical management of data, including managing the data lifecycle and massive cloud-based data resources.

Degree Maps

Fall Semester Senior Year (15 credits)
Spring Semester Senior Year (13 credits)
Fall Semester Fifth Year (9 credits)
Spring Semester Fifth Year (6 credits)
  • Two approved MS specialization courses

The plan of study follows the B.S. in Data Science plan of study for years 1-3. Students begin taking graduate level courses during year 4 as follows:

Fall Semester Senior Year
Spring Semester Senior Year
Fall Semester Fifth Year
Spring Semester Fifth Year
  • Elective
  • Elective