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Learn to be a Full-Stack Developer

Web and Mobile: Front-End, Back-End, and Analytics

Improve how we interact with websites, software, and mobile apps. You can learn to be a full-stack developer through our school’s job-focused degree program, channeling your curiosity and passion for technology to become an essential partner in the software development process.

Understand all the moving parts in web and mobile applications, from interface design and business logic to data management and analytics. You’ll maximize your options by earning two Bachelor of Science degrees in just four years:

Be positioned to succeed

Prospective employers want to see what you can do. You’ll create finished products in our project-based program and graduate with a portfolio of work—a valuable asset in the software development field.


Average annual salary for software and application developers, per O*Net

You can forge a full-stack development career path tailored to your skills and strengths. Our dual-degree curriculum allows you to combine all the necessary skills to take on the challenges of this highly sought-after profession.

Full-stack developer careers

When technical expertise and UX design converge, they fuel our dreams and power our lives.

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A results-driven degree

Man standing by a desk, leaning over to operate a mouse at computer screen.

Our double-major degree is career-focused and designed to help you develop wide-ranging knowledge. You can graduate with a formidable skill set in full-stack development.

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Accelerated studies save you time and money

Our program offers a gateway to accelerated graduate studies. In just five years, you can earn the Bachelor of Science double major in Informatics / Media Arts and Science, plus a Master of Science in:

Accelerated 4+1 programs are time and cost efficient—allowing you to complete two degrees in five years—with increased career opportunities and earning potential.

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