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Full-Stack Developer careers

Maximize your versatility via full-stack development

As you learn to become a full-stack developer you’ll hone your ability to foresee problems before they occur. The dual degree prepares students for web and mobile careers.

A full-stack web developer works on the front-end and back-end portions of a web application and understands how they work together, utilizing key technologies including:

  • HTML/CSS: Client-side markup languages for creating and styling web pages.
  • JavaScript: Client-side language for programming interactive web pages inside a browser or app.
  • Server-side language: Implement business logic and programming tasks on the server.
  • Data management: Store and manage large amounts of data with relational or nonrelational databases.
  • Human-computer interaction: Enhance user’s experience through interface design and evaluation for usability, accessibility, and satisfaction.
  • Web application architecture: Partition complex applications into layers and design applications with patterns.
  • Cloud and service-oriented applications: Develop cloud-based, distributed applications that provide services to other software.

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Your future in software and web development

Students at the School of Informatics and Computing complete courses covering a wide spectrum of skills:

  • Client-side markup
  • Server-side programming
  • Data management
  • System design
  • Presentation-oriented and service-oriented information systems

Potential careers in full-stack development

Full-stack web development is among the most popular developer occupations today, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. The knowledge and experience you acquire through our program prepares you for many careers:

Cap it off

Your senior-year Capstone project focuses on using the tools and techniques you’ve mastered to become a computing and technology professional. Your Capstone can be a for-credit internship, or an applied learning project to develop an information system.

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Looking ahead

Before you graduate, you’ll work with our Career Services Office to learn how to search for jobs, assemble a portfolio of your work, pursue internship opportunities, and connect with employers.

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