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Informatics Bachelor of Science

Connecting people and technology

Discover new ways to manage the digital world—and not let it manage you.

Informatics focuses on how people and information systems connect. Utilize technology to make a difference by earning our degree in Informatics.

What is informatics?


Informatics graduates employed or self-employed within major (2021-22)

Where will the future take you?

Technology is a big part of our lives, and there are big career opportunities in informatics. You can turn data into solutions for employers, and develop groundbreaking advances in science, art, and entertainment.

Our program brings together business, technology, and experience, and empowers you to join the next generation of computing professionals. Graduates work in fields including behavioral science, health care, and industry.

Samantha Hou

All of the skills and knowledge I acquired in informatics gave me a foundation of software, technologies, and understanding how to best work in an ever-changing environment.

Samantha Hou Service Design Researcher, ServiceTitan

Dwight Hall

My current research revolves around the computational analysis of the SARS-CoV-2 genome (which causes COVID-19). Coding, teamwork, and project management skills have helped me the most to create successful projects. I learned all of these skills through the Informatics program.

Dwight Hall Doctoral student, Bioinformatics, IUPUI

Marc Jones

I rely heavily on my ability to empathize with professionals across fields and build bridges to get work done. SoIC's focus on applying a wide range of technology to real-world problems has translated very well into my work today.

Marc Jones IT Analyst, Eli Lilly and Co.

Sarah Rice

The Informatics curriculum inspired me to pursue the "why" behind my love for technology: people. Without SoIC and the Informatics program, I would not have the confidence, technical capabilities, or user-centered thinking that allows me to be successful in the workforce.

Sarah Rice Business relationship manager, Medicines Development Digital Capabilities, Eli Lilly and Co.

Ismaila Bamidele

The Informatics program made me job-ready because it helped to bridge the learning gaps between the industrial and academia.

Ismaila Bamidele Business Intelligence Solutions Coordinator, Niles Township Schools

Taryn Husted

I work on projects that involve collaborating with different student or employer groups. The understanding of both technology and business aspects have helped me the most.

Taryn Husted Technology Analyst at Intrallect Ltd.

Mikaylah Stumbo

I loved that the Informatics program was broad enough to get a variety of skills/knowledge established, but also allowed for customization to my interests in areas like health care and accessibility.

Mikaylah Stumbo Human Factors Engineer at Eli Lilly and Co.

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You’ll customize your Bachelor of Science degree in informatics with a specialization, applying what you’ve learned to another discipline that aligns with your career plans.

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