Same school, new name. The School of Informatics and Computing is changing its name effective January 11, 2023. Learn more about the name change

Informatics B.S. + Bioinformatics M.S.

Turn biological data into life-enhancing discoveries

You can take data to places it’s never been, using technology to increase our understanding of life and how to improve it.

By examining how people and information systems connect, you’ll acquire the skills to turn data into solutions, developing groundbreaking advances in science. Then intensify your knowledge of computational biology and analyze data to drive pioneering research.

Learn to bridge the gap between data and discovery in genome biology and other research areas by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics and master’s degree in Bioinformatics through the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis.

Plan of Study

The plan of study follows the B.S. in Informatics plan of study for years 1-3. Students begin taking graduate level courses during year 4 as follows:

Fall Semester Senior Year

Spring Semester Senior Year


  • Bioinformatics Elective

Fall Semester Fifth Year

Spring Semester Fifth Year