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Informatics B.S. + Applied Data Science M.S.

Big data is everywhere … and so is the need to use it

Expand your understanding of how people interact with information technology, and take that knowledge to the next level by earning an accelerated five-year bachelor’s degree in informatics and a master’s in applied data science from the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis.

With the rapid rise in digitally created data comes an increasing demand for professionals who know how to capitalize on this resource—and who understand the ethical, privacy, and security concerns inherent in big data mining and management.

A compelling combination

By pairing a bachelor’s degree in informatics with a master’s in applied data science, you’ll be able to build systems designed with the user in mind—ones that are not only useable, but a pleasure to interact with.

You’ll learn front-end web and mobile design, back-end business and ecommerce logic, and how to connect it with databases and other systems. And you’ll have the knowledge to refine the systems you build by collecting information on their usage at a massive scale.

Learn more about the bachelor’s degree in Informatics

Learn more about the master’s degree in Applied Data Science

Leading in a rapidly evolving field

Luddy Indianapolis is the first school of its kind in the nation, and a leader in human-centered computing. Our data science program is the first in Indiana to offer both master’s and Ph.D. degrees. We’re dedicated to building a smarter, diverse workforce—one equipped to tap into the potential of big data and meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

Data science fuels discovery in sectors from academics to business, public policy to scientific discovery and medical research. Our program teaches you how to organize, curate, and analyze data that’s big in volume, variety, and velocity.

Accelerated results

By earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years, you’ll save time and money. You can graduate with an impressive portfolio of work and the skills that top data science employers expect, including managing the data science life cycle, cloud computing, and massive, high-throughput data stores.

Under the guidance of our renowned faculty, students work on projects and independent study that reflect their particular interests and gain the specialized knowledge required to advance their careers. The real-world skills they learn may include A/B testing, managing survey results, or doing research in biomedical informatics.

Jobs in applied data science

There’s a proven demand for people who can combine an informed knowledge of informatics, math, and statistics with deep analytical and decision-making skills. Careers in data science can range from life sciences and health care research to finance, media and data storage management. They include:

Data scientist

Informatics scientist

Data analyst

Big data consultant

Business intelligence analyst

Business technology analyst

IT consultant

Software developer

Database administrator

System administrator

Web administrator

Information architect

Information manager

How it works

You’ll apply for the accelerated program in the sixth semester of your B.S. or when you have successfully completed your first five semesters—75 credit hours—with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher. The Luddy Indianapolis will waive all application fees.

Bachelor and master degrees are conferred independently.

Plan of study

You’ll follow the Informatics plan of study for years 1-3. Students begin taking the following graduate-level courses, as well as their selected electives, during Year 4:

Fall Semester Senior Year

Spring Semester Senior Year

Fall Semester Fifth Year

Spring Semester Fifth Year

In addition

Students are required to take the following math courses to qualify for admission to the ADS Accelerated program:

  • MATH 15300 College Algebra
  • MATH 15400 Trigonometry
  • MATH 16500 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (or MATH 22100 Calculus for Technology I or MATH 23100 Calculus for Life Sciences I)
  • MATH 17100 Multidimensional Mathematics

MATH 159 Precalculus (5 cr.) may be taken in place of MATH 153 and MATH 154.

If you are interested in pursuing this, please speak to your undergraduate advisor about how these classes can fulfill your undergraduate requirements.

Note: For students who are pursuing the HCI certificate or Applied Data Science specialization, INFO-H 517 can fulfill the NEWM-N 328 requirement.