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Media Arts and Science + Human-Computer Interaction

Harness your creativity to design the technology of tomorrow

Get ready to break the rules. You can earn a 5-year degree that gives you the tools to disrupt how we think about interacting with technology, and to build new platforms for user interaction.

Whether you focus on website design, 3-D simulations, gaming, or video and sound, you’ll learn to use emerging technology as a conduit for creativity … and to improve the way users interact with new media. Students can also pursue an area of emphasis in Digital Making to complement the HCI core with application development skills to produce interactive media experiences and environments.

Better UX = more engagement

By pairing a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science with a master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering in Indianapolis, you’ll have myriad options in the realm of interaction technology, user experience, and the Internet of Things.

  • Combine gaming with job training to get … the gamification of the workplace.
  • Deconstruct the notion of how we eat and combine a healthy dose of IoT to cook up … the kitchen of tomorrow.
  • Examine how we use technology vs. what we need from it … to create an intuitive UX.

Learn more about the bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Science

Learn more about the HCI master’s degree

How it works

You’ll apply for the accelerated program in the sixth semester of your B.S. or when you have successfully completed your first five semesters—75 credit hours—with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher. When applying to the accelerated program, you’ll need to submit a personal statement of at least 500 words and a portfolio. The Luddy Indianapolis will waive all application fees.

Bachelor and master degrees are conferred independently.