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Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Department!

Davide Bolchini Associate Professor and Chair

Davide Bolchini, Professor and Chair, Department of Human-Centered Computing

The HCC Department – the largest in the Luddy Indianapolis – offers six core degree programs in Informatics (BS and MS), Media Arts and Science (BS and MS) and Human-Computer Interaction (MS, PhD) and a growing enrollment of 20 doctoral students, 80 masters students and 500 undergraduates, led by 23 full-time faculty and 12 part-time faculty.

As emerging media and information technologies pervade our lives, the students and faculty in our department are passionate to work together to study, enrich, invent and create novel ways to embrace interactive computing – so that it augments people’s abilities to communicate, play, inspire, socialize and heal.

Our students come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including Humanities, Technology, Social Science and Design – to learn key Human-Centered Computing knowledge and skills that prepare them for current and next-generation career opportunities. The growing demand for highly-skilled technology jobs nation-wide makes our programs unique places for students. When they graduate from our programs, our students thrive as professionals in the creative industry, user experience design companies and research labs, and high-tech enterprises in Indiana and beyond.

We love working with students in class and in our labs to integrate research, teaching and foster environments where students and faculty nurture their curiosity and generate cutting-edge research that puts the person at the center of computing innovation to solve real-world problems. Our faculty’s research in Human-Computer Interaction, Informatics and Media Arts and Science, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH), Google, and the MacArthur Foundation, leverages the unparalleled technological resources of the Indiana University Technology Services (UITS) to study novel uses of next-generation interactive media platforms (from mobile, web, gaming, animation, video, androids and ultra-large displays) to create and study novel user experiences for businesses, Non-For-Profit Organizations, consumers and healthcare. In addition, on this journey, our students acquire long-lasting knowledge and in-demand skills that will shape their future.

The energy is tangible here, and our passion is contagious – I hope you have the opportunity to visit with us, and join our next adventure in Human-Centered Computing!

Davide Bolchini, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Human-Centered Computing