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The Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce is powered by:

  • Students
  • High school teachers
  • iDEW faculty and staff at IUPUI
  • Parents
  • Class mentors
  • Industry partners

Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of students and help them to meet the tech needs of today’s employers.

Semester-end Celebration

Speak with the students from area high schools about their robotics, IoT, data visualization, and video game projects.

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What can iDEW?


Indiana high schools must have a computer science curriculum in place in 2021. By becoming part of the iDEW initiative, instructors have access to free resources that will engage students and teach them to solve real-world problems in computing. As part of their iDEW training, high school teachers come to IUPUI and learn first-hand how to implement the curriculum developed by faculty at the School of Informatics and Computing.

Computing by Design (CxD) Teacher Training Program

Indiana high school teachers can get four days of free hands-on training through the Summer 2020 Computing by Design (CxD) Teacher Training Program in Indianapolis.

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Be an advocate for STEM-based learning and encourage your teen’s high school to offer the iDEW curriculum. Support class instructors and encourage your teen’s interest in IT and improving STEM skills. Your financial donations can help fund teacher training, field trips, scholarships, and more.

Industry partners

Can’t find employees with the tech skills you need? Become part of the solution by helping to develop a new generation of tech-savvy critical thinkers and disrupters here in Indiana. Be an iDEW classroom guest speaker or mentor; bring students to your company for field trips; offer internships; or serve as a juror for end-of-semester projects.

As an iDEW scholarship donor, I am excited about solidifying the incredible progress we have made for iDEW students’ possibilities—all the while helping to solve the IT workforce problem.

Alvin Givens, Executive Director, Specialized Industries Technology Banking, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC

Working together, we can do more

With your support and involvement, we can continue to sustain and grow the iDEW program.

Investments in iDEW support:

  • Participation incentives for students, including scholarships, support for attending summer workshops, and traveling for field trips
  • Faculty who create the curriculum, and college students who serve as mentors
  • Student internships
  • Teacher training

The future of innovation in technology depends on continuing to build this unique partnership among IUPUI, high schools, industry, and the community. We can create an IT workforce that strengthens our economy and keeps our state and our nation in step with technological innovation. And we can transform the lives of countless bright young students.

We invite you to join us.