Students and Parents


Like to experiment with computers? Interested in design, or data? Want to understand how we use smart devices?

If you’ve ever thought about working in the computer field, but weren’t sure, our hands-on, project-based classes will let you try technology on for size. There are modules for Internet of Things, Data Visualization, Chatbots, Web Apps, Robotics, and Video Games—each one a semester long—so you can decide which pathway is right for you.

Like hundreds of other iDEW students, you’ll be surprised at what you can do while still in high school. And when you finish, you’ll be more prepared for college and the workforce than you thought possible.

In my iDEW class, I have the ability to innovate, provide solutions, be creative, and collaborate with a lot of different people, which is something you don't really get from too many other classes.

Cheick Diallo, 2017 Providence Cristo Rey HS graduate

Check us out and talk to your parents and teachers to see if iDEW is offered at your school.


Your participation in iDEW can lead to both knowledge and opportunity:

  • Thirteen iDEW students earned LiFT Scholarships to attend IUPUI in 2017-18; you could, too.
  • Take the first step toward lucrative careers in fields including IT and cybersecurity; data science; and product design and development. Learn more about possible careers here … including ones that don’t involve coding!
  • Develop highly desired teamwork, communication, and critical thinking abilities.
  • Attend Summer Workshops, a fun, hands-on way to grow your tech skills.

The program helped me understand that there's more to computer science than sitting behind a computer and coding. It really opened my eyes to the other opportunities that computer science can hold.

Damaris Martinez, 2017 Arsenal Technical HS graduate


Does your child’s school offer computer classes? You might be surprised to know that 8 Indianapolis area high schools already offer the award-winning Informatics Diversity-Enhanced Workforce or iDEW program to their students. Over 1,000 students have participated in the past 4 years and 94% of those who graduated from iDEW are in college or college-bound.

The proven, project-based computer science curriculum will engage your student, teach them valuable skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, and prepare them for a lucrative career. They also may be eligible for college scholarships.

Want to know more? Talk to your school's administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors to see if iDEW may be right for your student.