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Department of Library and Information Science

Manage information access and use in the digital world

Technology rules. But who makes the rules?

When you learn to manage the relentless data stream and use information as a tool, you can enrich lives and create positive change. Our faculty, students, and graduates are shaping information policy and analyzing data, large and small, to make a difference in universities, libraries, museums, nonprofits, businesses, and government institutions.

They utilize their skills to preserve community memory, promote literacy, and provide crucial insight and direction on the collection, preservation, and use of information.

Data is everywhere

The heart of our teaching, scholarship, and service lies in how we use data, information, and technology. To that end, we study, build, and critically analyze information infrastructures. Data management is key to innovation and good decision-making in everything from health care and education to the corporate sector.

Where can you take data?

  • Historic preservation
  • Outreach and education
  • Curation and archiving
  • Analysis and research