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Library and Information Science Admissions FAQ

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Can I complete this degree 100% online?
Yes, you can complete an MLIS through online-only classes.  All courses are asynchronous and do not require students to come to campus at any time during the duration of the degree program.

Do I need to take the GRE?
If your undergraduate GPA is 3.0 or above, you do not need to take the GRE for admission to the MLIS program.  If you are applying for a dual degree program, please contact the other program for their admission requirements.

My undergraduate GPA was not 3.0 or above.  What should I do?
You should take the GRE to demonstrate the capacity for success.  The GRE website contains practice tests and other resources.  In addition, in your application essay, explain any unusual circumstances around a low undergraduate GPA.  The admissions committee can take the whole application into consideration.

What kind of people should write my recommendations?
You can use work supervisors, professors, or people who know your professional skills from volunteer activities.  Do not use family or friends.

How long does it take to finish the MLIS?
Most students complete the program on a part-time basis.  On a part-time basis, students can finish within three years taking two courses per semester.  We offer courses during the fall, spring, and two summer sessions.

Can I choose more than one specialization?
Yes, it is possible to complete two specializations within the 39 credits. However, depending on the specialization, you may need to exceed the 39 credit hours to accomplish both.