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Luddy School of Informatics, Computing & Engineering IUPUI

Animation opens doors to places you want to be

We can help you get there, with the tech and faculty to equip you with industry-ready skills. Graduates of our school work at major animation and game studios. You can, too.

Future-proof your career in emerging media affordably with a bachelor of science degree in Media Arts & Science on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis.

Whether you're laser-focused on your career-seeking a like-minded peer community—or still figuring it out … there's a place for you at Luddy Indianapolis.

Small screen, big screen, and everywhere in between

Silvia Lawson-Vilches, alumna & associate lighting artist for Rockstar Games
James Ward
James Ward, alumnus & senior animator for Sony Imageworks
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Student drawing 3D animation
3D Graphics & Animation

This is where it all starts

A solid foundation in 3D animation is your launching pad to everything else. It opens the doors to gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, visual special effects, and other media. Your hands-on classroom projects can yield portfolio-ready work to show prospective employers. There's no limit on where your degree can take you.

Student using VR headset

How do you like your reality?

At Luddy Indianapolis you'll learn to craft what others can only imagine. Use industry-standard tech to create quality projects that demonstrate your growing mastery of AR and VR. In your classes you'll work in real-world contexts, and immerse yourself in the entire production pipeline. Develop portfolio-ready prototypes, games, 3D images for medical applications, and more.

Student designing a video game
Game Design & Development

A hands-on program for user-ready games

In our Media Arts and Science Research & Learning Arcade you work the way the pros do, balancing creative and business skills in a production setting. Develop, pitch, budget, and produce a game project as part of a team. Faculty mentor students to produce published projects—the kind that lead to professional game development jobs.

Student creating AR/VR content

Make the utterly impossible look impossibly real

Learn virtual production secrets and create projects with visual FX that meet industry expectations. Top-tier skills are crucial for working in film, CGI, scientific simulations, and game development. Our courses in 3D motion capture, photorealistic digital effects, texturing and lighting will give you the skills to create a compelling demo reel.

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