Same school, new name. The School of Informatics and Computing is changing its name effective January 11, 2023. Learn more about the name change

Luddy School Indianapolis Name Change FAQs

Why is the name changing?

The name change simply reflects the school’s status as a core school—meaning a school that serves multiple campuses, in this case, Indianapolis and Bloomington.

Is SoIC merging with the Luddy School?

No, it is not a merger. From their inception, the campuses have been one school. Sharing the same name now reflects that status.

How does the name change affect current students in the School?

The change will not affect students—programs, departments, and courses remain the same.

Does the name change impact existing engineering programs at IUPUI?

The change does not affect other engineering programs on the Indianapolis campus.

How does the name change affect the diplomas of students graduating in Spring 2023 and later?

Graduating students’ diplomas will reflect the school’s new name.

How does the name change affect the diplomas of students who graduated in December 2022?

Degrees awarded in December 2022, prior to the name change, will be listed as the School of Informatics and Computing. Graduates are encouraged to update their resumes to the Luddy School name. Alumni will receive the announcement via email and social media.

How does the name change affect prospective students?

It does not. Prospective students will not see their admission status or offers change.

If I’ve already applied, do I need to update any of my application materials?

No, that is not necessary.

If I’m already admitted, how does this affect my acceptance?

The renaming of the school does not impact your admittance offer.

How should alumni refer to the name change on their resume or other areas?

Alumni are encouraged to update their resumes to reflect the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering and refer to their graduating school as the Luddy School.

Should SoIC be used in any school materials or other references?

Effective immediately, we will refer to the school as the Luddy Indianapolis.

Can Indianapolis students take classes in Bloomington, and can Bloomington students take classes in Indianapolis?

Currently, the degree programs and courses on both campuses are offered independently and will remain so for at least the rest of this school year. The Luddy School is investigating the possibility of having common courses and joint programs to better align our work.

How will the name change affect Bloomington students?

Luddy School Bloomington students will not be affected by the name change in Indianapolis.

Who is Fred Luddy?