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IBM Interactive Experience Visits School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI

April 10, 2014


Dr. Michael Heck of IBM Interactive Experience (IBMi) visited the School of Informatics and Computing on the IUPUI Campus March 28th as part of an information recruiting session geared towards students in the Media Arts and Science and Human-Computer Interaction programs within the school.

IBM Interactive began in 1996, and today holds some of the most valuable customer experience design patents in the world, with a strategic focus on multi-channel capabilities that mobile technology provides. In the last year IBMi has filed more than 150 patents for mobile. It is a top-five global digital agency that focuses on digital marketing to help clients create brand differentiation, and enhance business value, as well as improve key customer interactions across all channels.

Students in attendance came away with vital information that reaffirms the need for informatics and computing professionals, now more than ever, to assist businesses in reshaping their customer experience through human-computer interaction and interactive media design.

“IBM Interactive Experience has multiple opportunities for internships and full-time positions for our students and graduates,” said Brian Benedict, Director of Career Services. “Dr. Michael Heck has gone to great lengths to help students traverse the application process and put their best foot forward with the company.”

Dr. Heck engaged students as he shared insight into the IBM Interactive Experience business model and philosophy as to what sets them apart in the world of technology and user experience. Students were provided information about current career opportunities within IBMi as Dr. Heck offered resume and portfolio critiques, along with career advice and a question and answer session.

“This was an excellent opportunity for students to hear from an industry professional with an HCI background, and who is leading efforts in hiring hundreds of HCI professionals right now. Dr. Heck introduced students to job opportunities with IBM in the area of user experience research, design, and development,” said Dr. Davide Bolchini, Interim Chair, Department of Human-Centered Computing. “Last year IBMi interviewed and extended offers to a handful of our graduates and alumni from the Human-Computer Interaction program, and now they are recruiting additional students. IBMi puts the design of the user experience at the heart of their growth and it is very exciting that our students can access these opportunities at such high profile companies directly from our academic programs.”

The visit to the School of Informatics and Computing came a few days after the public announcement that IBMi is investing globally over $100M in the area of big data and consumer analytics for user experience design with 1000 new prospect hires.                                                                                   

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