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A toad sits on a platform surrounded by a circle of cameras

Students help preserve endangered species for future generations with AR app

December 12, 2019

(Contributed by Drew Hansen; originally published December 12, 2019)

What does IUPUI have in common with the southern white rhino, flatback sea turtle and Caribbean reef shark?

No, they aren’t firing off wicked jackknife dives in the Natatorium.

Under the direction of professor Zebulun Wood, a team of four informatics and computing students, led by Drennen Dooms, has been working for University of Massachusetts professor Duncan Irschick to create an educational app for Irschick’s library of 3D models of animals, some of which are endangered.

“It’s an international-level collaboration,” Wood said. “Duncan goes all over the world scanning these endangered species, and now Drennen and his team are digitizing them and making a scavenger app that can go to zoos and conferences to generate awareness for Duncan and his mission to digitally preserve all these species that are about to disappear.”

Dooms and fellow students Logan Moody, Darrin Caldwell and Joshua Armentrout are working on this project as part of Wood’s New Media 420 course, Multimedia Project Development.

Read complete story and see a 3D rhino.

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