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Kimia Mansouri

Kimia Mansouri
  • Graduate Student Ambassador
  • Degree sought: M.S. Bioinformatics


kimmansoiu [dot] edu


  • Cellular and Molecular Biology- Microbiology


Bioinformatics is a newly emerged field, so there’s lots of room for innovative thinking and for the ones who have the ability to come up with new ideas and novel approaches to biological problems. I came to IUPUI with my biology background, while I have been always striving for knowing more and more about genomics and gaining insights which might one day guide us to treat human diseases.

As for now, I have been given the chance to robustly build up my biological background as well as developing my computational skills and getting my hands dirty with coding and programming under the supervision of expert and supportive professors. I love cooking, playing piano, listening to classical music, playing tennis, and hiking in my down time.

From: Tehran, Iran

Advice for new students

  1. Take advantage of innumerable resources at IUPUI.
  2. Step back out of your comfort zone and seek out opportunities that may lead you to challenge yourself.
  3. Feel free to reach out to me or current students! I am always happy to answer questions from prospective IUPUI applicants.