Same school, new name. The School of Informatics and Computing is changing its name effective January 11, 2023. Learn more about the name change

Spring Semester

In the spring semester, students from the IUPUI campus will be partnered with students from the Haaga-Helia campus and collaborate on tech projects using Canvas and other tools.

Students will take the following course:

  • INFO-I 400 Topics in Informatics (undergraduates)
  • LIS-S 531 Information Structures for the Web (graduate students)

Students who wish to go abroad, part of spring semester will also be devoted to academic sessions in anticipation of the international travel.

Summer I

Students will have the opportunity to reconvene in Helsinki for a two-week period (May 15-May 30) to collaborate with their partners at Haaga-Helia University. The students’ activities will be supplemented by field trips and site visits relevant to the class as well as to Finnish culture in general via visits to historic sites, museums, industries, and cultural events.

Students will take the following course:

  • LIS-S 400 Topics in Applied Data and Information Science: Global digital services (undergraduates)
  • LIS-S 604 Topics in Library and Information Science: Global digital services (graduate students)

Though designed to be taken as a pair, students may take the spring semester courses and not enroll in the summer session courses. Students may take the summer courses and complete the study abroad without taking the spring courses, but technology skill pre-requisites apply to ensure students who attend during the summer share the same skills as those who take the spring courses.


William Helling (LIS)