NEWM-N499 Capstone Requirements

NEWM-N 499 Faculty Requirements

Each MAS faculty mentor has the option to mentor up to 5 students per semester. Make your plans for Capstone early.

Each faculty member has different requirements for their capstone students. Please contact faculty for complete details.

A written proposal with project description and timeline. Meetings during the semester as arranged.

To be considered, projects must be either a short live action film (narrative or documentary) or a short digital story of some kind.

Prospective capstone students must submit a minimum 3-page written proposal for their project. This should contain:

  • synopsis of the project idea
  • rationale for why the student sought me out for mentoring the project
  • detailed weekly schedule for completion of the project (a timeline of important milestones; pre-production, production, post-production)
  • defined career goals this project serves
  • description of artifact(s) to be delivered when the project is complete (movie or sound file(s) required, but also can include posters, brochures, other takeaways and memorabilia)

In addition: 

  • FILM PROJECTS: Prospective students must also submit a 10-15 page script, photos of a thorough storyboard indicating a clear walk-through of ideas, shots, etc., and a detailed shot list. Other preproduction materials such as location photos, camera tests, cast lists, and call sheets are optional, but recommended.
  • DIGITAL STORYTELLING PROJECTS: Students must submit scripts, storyboards, shot lists and/or other relevant preproduction materials. Because of the nebulous nature of digital storytelling, students should expect to provide very detailed indications of their project idea and scope. Digital storytelling projects should represent the students’ skills with multimedia as well as digital marketing and/or innovative storytelling techniques. Digital storytelling projects should include both live action video and sound (dialogue, music, and sound effects as applicable).

Once approved, capstone students must complete the following:

  • Submit bi-weekly detailed written updates via Canvas and correspond in writing in lieu of meeting frequently.
  • Meet with instructor as needed (every project is different).
  • Deliver project as proposed with minimal alterations to scope and breadth by the agreed upon deadline (i.e. no goalpost moving, project shrinking, or other major project overhauls)
  • Project file submitted via Canvas PLUS a link to a backup copy in the Cloud (OneDrive, Vimeo, or YouTube).
  • Showcase and present finished, polished final deliverable in person at the capstone event at the end of the semester.
  • Provide a 2-page written reflection after the capstone event discussing what you learned, what challenges you faced, and where you plan to take the project from here.

Prospective capstone students need to submit a one-page proposal that explains their project and provides as much detail as possible regarding the nature/form of the film. Include a timeline of important milestones; pre-production, production, post-production. Discuss the significance of the project, plans for the project after completion, and anticipated challenges and how you intend to address them.

  • A completed capstone submission includes the following:
  • Submission of Final Project Files (your film, trailer etc., not your Avid/DaVinci/Premiere files)
  • Completed cover letter for job application
  • Completed resume
  • Completed Demo Reel/Trailer/Portfolio
  • Established Professional Online Presence
  • LinkedIn Profile with 100+ specific industry contacts
  • Professional email (non-IU)
  • Professional Website
  • Distribution to (applied through FilmFreeway or Withoutabox) 6+ festivals (or comparable public presentations)
  • Application to 6+ employment opportunities
  • Submission of metacognitive reflection (2+ page reflection on your experience and what you learned from it)

Please submit a 1-page proposal plus a 1-page timeline. The proposal is to include, what they are working on, what their goals are, why they want to work with me, and what their end product will look like.

All capstone project students will be required to sign a contract prior to the start of the semester that will outline meeting dates, checkpoint dates and deliverables, and have attached detailed project proposal, asset list, and timeline. All projects will be required to do the following as a requirement for completion:

  • Completed project with presentation on Capstone night
  • User testing and report results of project in a written thesis.
  • Delivery of a flash drive archiving the final project
  • A delivery of electronic and hard copies of your final thesis
  • Have met on all agreed to meeting dates
  • Completion of two mid-term checkpoints
  • Delivered materials as prescribed in the written contract

Please submit the following with the below milestone considerations for your Capstone Proposals:

Executive Summary

  • Summary Description of Capstone
  • Define the Career Goals your Capstone Serves
  • Define the artifact(s) that will be created (Demo Reel, video, AR, VR, 3D Prints, portfolio, poster, published paper etc.)
  • Define the problems that will be solved or potential impact your project could have for the school, community and your career (films, shorts, and games have great positive impact)
  • Benchmarking or Competitive Analysis (10 similar, complimentary projects, or projects that intersect and compare to your proposal you find online)

Weekly milestones to complete Final Objective. Each week include;

  • What you will study, what you will create, what you will review with me
  • Implemented professional development milestones from below
  • Resources and references to utilize in each week. (articles, videos, urls, etc)

Additional to all self-imposed weekly milestones, please work in the following dates and checks into your Capstone PLAN/TIMELINE and be prepared to sign in agreement with Zeb week #2 of the semester.

  • Complete all proposed goals pitched to Zeb for Capstone or IND Study
  • Finishes meeting #1 and identify specific milestones with Zeb
  • GANTT Chart listing due dates of specific/unique project milestones
  • Final Signatures of Agreement
  • Complete a template cover letter for job application (must get Zeb’s Approval)
  • Complete a resume (must get Zeb’s Approval)
  • Complete a Demo Reel/Portfolio for intended expertise (must get Zeb’s Approval)
  • Establish professional Online Presence
    • Artstation, Cg Society, fb Page, industry specific profile page etc
    • LinkedIn Profile with 200+ specific industry contacts
    • Professional email (non-IU)
    • Professional Website (non wix, non- templated site name, etc.)
  • Apply to 10+ Job opportunities (Jobs for Capstone, Internships for IND Studies)
    • List all applied to opportunities and proof of application
  • Submit Full Reflection
  • Submit Final Project Files
  • Submit Research paper when applicable

Getting Started

Students must submit a proposal to their Capstone mentor by the following date:

  • Fall semester Capstone: April 1
  • Spring semester Capstone: November 1

This proposal, when signed by the mentor, will be routed to the Recorder who will give permission to enroll within 48 hours. Students must also submit an intent to graduate form. These two forms will be required by student services in order to grant permission to register for N499.

Students will update the proposal form prior to meeting with their Capstone advisor the first week of class. This document will provide the basic information needed to give the advisor the direction of your project. Both parties must sign the document to establish that they both agree on the title and general direction of the project.