INFO-B 584 Guidelines

INFO-I 595 vs INFO-B 584

INFO-B 584 is only available to MS in Health Informatics students during their final semester of the program. As a practicum opportunity, it offers a unique approach to traditional internships by requiring students to complete assignments that help develop and deepen their competencies within the field.

INFO-I 595 is an elective course available to all graduate students. It allows them to earn credit while gaining practical experience through internships. For Health Informatics students, the course offers up to 3 credit hours, with each hour backed by a minimum of 45 hours of internship work verified by a supervisor, amounting to a total of 135 hours during the semester. To register for the course, students need to secure an internship that is at least 50% related to their degree of study, and then register their internship with the Career Services office to be approved. More information on the registration process is available on the Register your Internship page.

Course Assignments

INFO-B 584

  • Self-Analysis Reflection
  • Agency Project Plan
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Hours Log
  • Agency Final Project Report
  • Student Self-evaluation
  • Preceptor Evaluation
  • Practicum Presentation

INFO-I 595

  • Introductory Discussion Post
  • Daily Work Journals
  • Reflective Assessment
  • Mid-Semester Site Evaluation
  • Thank You Letter to Company/Supervisor
  • Updated Resume
  • Executive Summary
  • Employer Evaluation
  • Student Self-evaluation
  • Debrief of Internship

Employer sites and job titles

Previous employer sites for practicums and internships

  • Clinical Architecture
  • Connecticut Department of Public Health
  • Indiana Department of Health
  • IU Health
  • IU School of Medicine
  • Management Performance Lab
  • Polis Center
  • Regenstrief Institute
  • Washington State Department of Public Health

Common Practicum and Internship Job Titles

  • Business Analyst Intern
  • Data analyst Intern
  • Data Visualization Intern
  • Research Intern
  • Community Research Assistant
  • Informatics Intern
  • Data Science Intern
  • Engineering Intern
  • Clinical Terminologist
  • Social Media Analysis Intern