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Graduate Academic Policies

Academic advising

An Academic Advisor is assigned to you upon joining the School. All academic matters should be discussed with your Academic Advisor and/or your Program Director.

For academic matters use your IU email and check it daily

Your IU email is used as an official means of communication, and you should check it every day for pertinent information. Although you may have your IU email forwarded to an outside email account, please email faculty and staff from your IU email account. University Information Technology Services (UITS) has many online technology resources including assistance with email.

Add and/or dropping courses

Students register for courses through One.IU. To drop a course, follow the guidelines set by the Registrar. Important deadlines are listed on the Academic Calendar. Pay careful attention to the deadlines for Adds and Drops.

Academic misconduct

Students are held responsible for adhering to the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct and in particular the section on academic misconduct. Refer to The Code > Responsibilities > Academic Misconduct.


Plagiarism results in an F on an assignment or course, loss of funding, and if repeated dismissal from the program. Students must complete the Indiana University Department of Education “How to Recognize Plagiarism” Tutorial and Test.

Full-time status

Full-time status can be important for financial aid eligibility, renewal or fulfillment of the terms of a student visa, deferral of student loan repayment, and/or eligibility for certain health insurance plans.

Employment Hours per week Paid Student Must Take
Graduate Student Academic Appointee 15-20 Monthly 6 credit hours
Graduate Temporary Hourly 1-14 Bi-weekly 8 credit hours

Grade requirements

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and earn a minimum of a B– in every core course and in every elective course. If a minimum grade is not earned in a core course, that course must be retaken. Students may not take any course using the Pass/Fail option.

Registrar’s Grade Information

No grade replacement

Graduate students may not replace a grade. If a course is repeated then both grades apply toward the cumulative GPA.

Academic probation

Students are placed on academic probation following a semester in which their graduate cumulative or semester grade point average falls below 3.0. Students on probation are required to attain an average of at least 3.0 on all graduate coursework completed by the end of the next semester. Failure to do so is cause for dismissal.

Graduate non-degree credit transfers

A maximum of 9 credit hours completed under graduate non-degree (GND) status may be applied to a Master’s degree.

Five-year limit

A Master’s degree must be completed within 5 years.

Leave of absence

All leaves of absence should be discussed with and approved by your Program Director. A student who leaves a program for more than one semester must additionally fill out the Leave of Absence Form and submit the form to the School Recorder. A student who does not follow this protocol will be discontinued from their program and must reapply.