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3D Print Lab

The Luddy Indianapolis has a 3D print lab located on campus for Luddy students, faculty, and staff to print 3-D objects for class or personal projects. The lab is equipped with 4 Makerbot printers including 2 Z18 large format printers.

Getting Ready to Print

The cost for printing is 20 cents per gram. All users should have a 3D model file (*.STL, *.OBJ). The 3-D print lab staff offers one-on-one consultations to help finalize your model for printing. One-on-one consultations are required for the first print.

  1. Prepare model for printing.
  2. Read and review the print lab guidelines and policies.
  3. Submit a request form.
  4. A 3D print consultant will review your model and specifications.
  5. You will receive and email from a 3D consultant. The email will include:
    • the approval or rejection of the model;
    • feedback or concerns with your model and things to fix;
    • the estimated amount of materials required;
    • the approximate time of completion;
    • a request to schedule an appointment (if new user).
  6. The consultant will then add your model to the print queue.
  7. You will receive an email when your print job is complete. This email will let you know the amount due at pick-up.

Users are responsible for responding to inquiries from Luddy staff regarding their designs. Lack of timely response may result in delay or cancellation of print requests.

How Long Does It Take

The time it takes to print your models depends on the size, quality, and detail of the model you are printing. Printing can take anywhere between a couple of hours to several days depending on the print time and amount of models in the queue.


Email our 3D lab consultants at with any questions about 3D printing.