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Domain Name Policy

Last updated: September 17, 2019


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, and students of the Luddy Indianapolis.


The Director of Technology Services and the Web developer must approve all Luddy Indianapolis subdomains, designer domains (.org, .net, .io, etc.), and commercial domain names (.com).

Domain names should be used for academic or research purposes only.

Only Luddy Indianapolis faculty or staff members can request a domain name.

The selected domain or subdomain name must be specific enough to accurately characterize the entity or service being represented without confusion with other services, programs, degrees, or departments, and must be professional and non-controversial.

Campus Administration must approve campus entities who wish to take payments via payment cards. Before requesting a domain that will be used for commercial purposes, you must contact the Luddy Indianapolis Business Office to obtain permission from the Senior Executive Associate Dean and Fiscal Officer before proceeding.

Reason for Policy

Service and host naming reflects on the university, the campus, and the school. The Luddy Indianapolis Technology Services staff manage Luddy domains and subdomains by allocating, registering, arbitrating, and maintaining the Luddy Indianapolis name space thereby guaranteeing best performance, fair use, and compliance with DNS conventions and IU appropriate use policies.


Requests for domain names must be made in writing to the Director of Technology Services and the Web developer. The request should include the following information:

  • Domain name you are requesting
  • Web site hosting location (departmental server, Webserve, or Non-IU server)
  • Mission and/or description of services offered

Once approved, the Technology Services staff will purchase and set-up the domain or subdomain.


Official Luddy Indianapolis domains are:

  • (retired)
  • (retired)
  • (retired)
  • (retired)

Related Information

IU Communications strongly discourages requests for domains unless the service or entity is campus-wide or shared between multiple responsibility centers with no clear ownership. Approval of domain names through IU Studios generally takes 1 to 2 weeks.